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Interested in communicating your brand identity stylishly and powerfully? Studio Boiler is the graphic designer of your dreams. Whether it’s a business card or a poster, a brochure or a landing page, a Christmas card or a fleet of vehicles: we create the graphic design that makes you stand out.

We highlight your message or brand with a bold design. Professional yet personal, not too much yet not too little either. Together we look for the perfect balance between form and content. That’s how we create an impressive visual design that strengthens your identity.

Perhaps you already have an idea but are not sure about the form in which to express it?

What does graphic design entail?

Graphic design is a visual elaboration of ideas for various media, both print and online. The graphic designer is responsible for the layout, typography, imagery and use of colours. Graphic design therefore requires a combination of artistic creativity and technical expertise.

Some graphic design applications that Studio Boiler can help you with:

  • business cards
  • brochures
  • annual reports
  • advertisements
  • posters
  • trade show banners
  • Christmas cards
  • car wraps
  • landing pages

Why graphic design is important

Graphic design is important because it draws in your target audience and converts them into customers. Name any world-famous brand and chances are that their logo or advertisements will be the first things that come to mind. The association with the products or services offered by the brand only follows afterwards.

Graphic design is essential not just for communicating your brand identity to your target audience but also for the following reasons:

First impression

texts arouse feelings only when you read them but graphic design makes an immediate impression.


graphic design provides the missing link between your brand identity and your target audience.


your employees will feel more closely bound to the company if they can identify with your graphic design.


a strong logo, a captivating brochure or a sensational poster positively reflects on your business.


even if you offer essentially the same products or services, graphic design makes you stand out from your competitors.

What to look for in graphic design?

Your visual designs are an important part of the marketing of your company or organisation. So they deserve all the attention you can give them. What must you definitely take into consideration?

Setting your brand ablaze:
The Studio Boiler Flow

From ‘wild’ ideas to actual development, always within the deadlines. We manage to do this time and again, thanks to Studio Boiler Flow. Discover the four steps we use to tackle your branding needs. And read more about our approach.

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Boiler Chat

What’s your story? Who are you, what do you do, what kind of image do you want to project? We get to know each other, and after our conversation, you receive a tailor-made offer.
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Let’s talk design

Once you have approved our offer, we fire up our computers. Your graphic design starts with a small spark and ends with a finished total product.
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Communication is key

Not quite satisfied with our initial proposal? No worries, we’re happy to incorporate your feedback. After two rounds of adjustments, your graphic design is completely on point.
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Roll out

Business cards to take with you to a networking event or an introduction of your fleet’s new wrapping to the press? Our graphic design loves to get attention. Especially if it is mostly directed at your brand.

Your branding, in good hands
at Studio Boiler

No one knows your business as well as you do. But this is not always an advantage. For successful branding, it may be better to bring in an objective outsider. Someone with whom you can communicate smoothly, who has creative and technical knowledge and who respects agreements and deadlines. Coincidentally, the very reasons why our clients love working with us so much.


Smooth communication

There’s nothing more off-putting than a long radio silence. That’s why we always respond quickly to your questions. No response even after three days? Call the emergency services, because this means something must be seriously wrong. Remember, we’re counting on you!


Clear flow

From briefing to branding, how do you get there? Simple: go with the Studio Boiler Flow. For you, it provides a clear roadmap, and for us, it’s a way to estimate how much time your new look requires.


Deadline = deadline

Thanks to our clear workflow, we always meet the deadline. Do we dare claim to usually deliver even before the deadline? Well, the answer to that is ‘Yes’. We’re always on fire!


Design first

It’s true, everyone calls themselves creative these days. But with us, our endless imagination truly forms the basis of everything we do. We find inspiration in the least obvious places. And that creates sparks!


Reliable partners

Need copy? Or striking photography? We connect you with the best professionals. In fact, we also engage these professionals to work for us. In this way, we lay the focus exclusively on your design.


Technical knowledge

Want to get the most out of your branding, from printed materials to window stickers? Naturally! Leave the ordering to us, we know who to go to for what. Don’t forget to ask for our advice about paper and ink as well.

Numerous clients have chosen for us ...

… because good reviews spread like wildfire

Have we managed to stoke your enthusiasm to its peak?

By now, you probably know it: Studio Boiler is the graphic designer you’re looking for. So it’s time for a Boiler Chat!

Let’s schedule an online meeting, no obligations attached. This way we can find out what you’re looking for and you can get to know us better. Expect to hear from us right away about how we intend to translate your ‘wild’ idea into a graphic design.

Following our chat, you will receive a no-obligation offer for your custom graphic design. After that, your approval is the only step left before we get started.

What does a graphic designer do?

A graphic designer translates clients’ ideas into visual communications. In doing so, they combine artistic creativity and technical expertise. A graphic designer therefore has a sense of colours and shapes as well as an eye for detail and the whole picture.
In addition, they are familiar with various graphics programmes, DTP (desktop publishing), editing text and images on the computer. Their efforts result in a ready-to-print file based on which the printer delivers a finished product or a digital file that can be used by their client online.

The term “graphic design” is more than 100 years old. At the beginning of the 20th century, the writer, illustrator, designer, typographer and printer were usually one and the same person. Thereafter, all these professions developed into specialisations.
Basically, a graphic designer creates new concepts. These are then executed by a graphics developer. However today, in practice there is no difference between the two professions. Graphic designers also refer to themselves as graphics developers, and vice versa.

The cost of graphic design depends mainly on the project. Consider the following factors:

  • Education and experience: in the case of a newcomer, you take a risk, while an experienced professional is likely to cost you more – which one you choose is your decision.
  • Scope: a business card or a car wrap? We pay equal attention to the layout, details and finishing but a larger job naturally costs more.
  • Deadlines: requesting a design today that was supposed to be ready yesterday, is difficult. Tomorrow is more achievable, but we’ll need to put in the effort to make this happen.
    After our initial conversation, we will let you know in detail how much your graphic design will cost. You will receive a tailor-made offer as soon as possible. Get in touch and book a meeting.

Branding: your brand identity, even stronger

Branding is more than a logo. At Studio Boiler, your brand gets a visual identity that tells people what it stands for and what you do. Request an introductory meeting now.

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